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Less Is More

Solid design work can empower your company message and draw audience attention, but truly great advertising starts and ends with a simple yet effective message. We have all the heard the saying “less is more”, but how does that translate into online advertising? Well, the simple answer is Banner ads.

I know, you just let out a big sigh, and you're starting to wonder whether or not to continue reading, right? Can’t say I blame you. Banner ads have been given a bad rap lately because of fraud and questionable performance. Why would anyone consider banner ads or display advertising?


Recent numbers show that people spend more time browsing websites and on Facebook (or Twitter or Instagram) than watching TV. That is why a lot of advertisers cram in for a top spot on the search engines, desperately hoping to get your attention during that precious moment when you are performing a search. That said, you may have noticed very few online conversions take place on a first-time visit to a website. So, how do you bring them back to close the deal?

Get Active

In order to increase conversions and build brand awareness, you need an active display advertising campaign to bring your customers back. Animated banner ads bring your customers back for that second or third visit because they have movement, and greater longevity, so even if your customers do not click right away, they will remember your brand or product and look for it when they need it. When they look for it, they will more easily find it because of the animation.

Are Banner Ads Expensive?

Banner ads cost much less than TV commercials, plus you have higher control over who sees the ad. You can customize your banner ad campaign according to the age, gender, and interest of your target audience. Research shows that the human brain processes visual information a lot faster than text, so you might as well include animation and interactivity to make your message even more persuasive.

Where Do I Get One?

This is where Blue Logic comes in. WE BUILD BANNER ADS FROM SCRATCH. With only the best ingredients! Seriously though, not only do we build banner ads, but we also monitor and optimize your ad campaign to maintain the best possible placement and help your banner ad realize its fullest potential.

OK, I'm in! What are the costs involved?

At Blue Logic, we charge a flat fee for the initial design, animation, setup, and optimization of your Banner Ad. If you decide you would like Blue Logic to run and manage your banner ad online, then we will research the best places for your business to advertise online and present you with a plan for the most cost-effective advertising campaign. Feel free to compare our prices and let us know if you find a better deal. We will do our best to match it!

Do you have any recent samples?

You bet. We just finished a delicious animated banner ad for a world famous pizza vendor. Who wants a slice???

Feel free to call us for banner ad consultation, or visit our Contact page at Once we help build your banner ad then we will show you how to push it across the internet using social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Speaking of Facebook and Twitter, if you enjoyed this post, please share it with your friends! We'd greatly appreciate it!

'Til next time, stay focused. Office: 972-380-1467

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