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Art of storytelling

Have you ever listened to a speech that truly rang true to your heart, intentions, or altered your direction or maybe it just ratified your current path or taught you a valuable lesson?

Good videos are much the same in that one of true value will also do these mind lifting tasks if you produce them with these ideals.

What makes a memorable video? Perhaps this is best answered by discovering how we remember things. The human mind connects with topics using 85% emotions or attitude. A memorable topic will typically incorporate 15% skills and the rest is contributed to knowledge.

How do we put forth an attitude or emotion? From the beginning of time people have used the story to transfer ideas and the technique is still alive today. We learn right from wrong, truth from falsehoods, and retain the value of the message using stories.

I once saw a TED talk by Joshua Foer which focused on how people can best retain facts and after the seminar I knew all 44 presidents of the United states and in the right chronological order. Imagine using that technique to make people aware of your products and services. “How do you do it?” you ask… the answer is simple…use stories. It can be a powerful tool.

The next time you are challenged with the task of creating the company video, throw away the sales pitch, the elevator one liner, the slick presentation and tell your story, I think you will find there are far more listeners out there who are eager to here about you and your company if you use this vehicle.

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