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360° photography and laser scanning are two great ways to create interactive online tours of your facility or home.  We currently use a system called Matterport.

360° Photography

Our 360° proprietary Matterport camera is used to photograph each room.  These photos are then uploaded to the Internet and an interactive photographic tour is created.  The tour can be private or distributed to your viewers either through a link or Google Street View.

3D Laser Scanning

Using the same camera above, we can flip on the LiDAR laser scanning option and scan your building into a 3-dimensional model called a point cloud.  This model is uploaded to the Internet, and you can utilize it as a virtual tour much like the 360° photography tour, however, this service comes with more functionality.  You can measure your building, get schematic floor plans, and have the model converted to a Building Information Model.


Historic Documentation

Preserve history by scanning it!  We believe that historically significant buildings and spaces should be scanned and shared.  The White Rock Lake (Doran Point) Pavilion was built in the mid-1930's on the original homestead site of Samuel Churchwell Goforth, a well-known rancher and cotton farmer.

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